Japan Orangutan Research Center

Danum Orangutan Research Project (DORP)



JORC supported "Danum Orangutan Research Project (DORP)" which has researched wild orangutans around Borneo Rainforest Lodge in Danum Valley Conservation Area,
Japanese and Malaysian researchers founded DORP with local research
assistants (RA) since 2004.
The aim of DORP is to reveal how orangutan adapts to primary lowland
Dipterocarpaceae forest; focus on feeding and reproductive ecology
Since 2010, base camp of DORP is "Kuala Sungai Danum Research Center
(KSDRS)" founded by Wildlife Research Center of Kyoto University
and Sabah Foundation.



RA observed adult male orangutan walking on the trail




Flanged male orangutan is eating bark on the tree




RAs (Mr. Eddy Boy, Mr. Jaidi Bin Jolin, Mr. Elny Dencio )and Dr. Tomoko Kanamori


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