Supporting orangutan research and conservation activities

  • A new paper was submitted. NPO members are also co-authors.

About JORC

Japan Orangutan Research Center (JORC) is a non-profit organization (NPO) that is organized mainly by experienced ex-zookeepers and researchers of orangutans.

Our projects

We began our activities as a research project by young Japanese researchers, and after a long period of time we have clarified the ecology of orangutans in Danum Valley. These results are now being used in conservation activities and zoo projects. We are also conducting educational activities to convey the latest information on orangutans.

  • ダナムバレイでの研究
    Research at Danum Valley Conservation Area
  • 動物園での活動
    Activities with zoo
  • 教育普及活動
    Educational Activities

We need your support to save orangutans

Our activities are supported by membership fees and generous donations. Your donations will be used for research, conservation, and educational activities. To save the orangutans, we need your kind support.


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